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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Safari Model Liner-Locker: a classic you can keep in your pocket

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For many of us growing up, being given your first knife was an important right of passage. It said so many things, that you were becoming a man and your father trusted your judgement enough to give you your own knife.

Of all the knives I have sold the Safari Model Liner-Locker is the most popular by far. There's something about having one of these in your pocket that brings you back to the first knife your dad gave you.

This classic design is from South Africa. To open the knife, you push over the top with your thumb. As a result, this type is more pocket friendly since they don’t have the thumb stud.

The scales are cow bone. I have a variety of colors that I use.
Each knife is unique because you never know how the bone will take to the dye. Each knife has a different hue and pattern and makes each a one of a kind.

I use different kinds of file work on my knives.

This specific pattern I call Sotho Hut, since it reminds me of how the tribal people decorate their huts. It is simple yet artistic.