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Thursday, March 6, 2014

A beautiful custom classic pocket knife that a joy to carry with you.

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By definition, a pocket knife goes in your pocket. You carry it around with you, use it as a tool or in case it's a collectable custom knife, you show it off.

This pocket embodies not only a compact design that fits in any pocket but it's beauty as well.

It's a Small R-Design liner locker.

Blade is made of ATS 34 – Hardened to 60 Rc – Hollow ground – polished to a mirrored surface.

The scales are colored cow bone, the bolsters: 416 Stainless steel

To make this knife distinctive I added "Roman Knot" file work.

This Liner Locker is not only a beautiful classic to show off to your buddies but it's a pleasure to carry (not at all heavy) and thusly pocket friendly! Let me make one for you.