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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A lovely ivory pocket knife just for you ...

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This is another lovely pre-ban Elephant ivory Back Pocket knife, it features:

Roman Knot file work on spine and blade
File work on inside of liners
Blade and spring ATS 34. Hardened to 60 Rc
Bolsters and liners 416 stainless steel
Blade: 2 5/8”
Close: 3 5/8”
A great collector’s piece!

This is a classic example of a Back Pocket knife.
It features premium antique Ivory scales. The attention to detail and fit and finish are so fine that you can not feel where the steel and the Ivory meet and where I have set the shield in the ivory and attached the bolsters to the handle.

This one is sold but I can make one for you. Do not let the opportunity pass to add a knife like this to your collection.

Contact me to place an order.
Kind Regards


Henrik Popowski said...

Hi, Pocket knife is very useful for everyday use. latest pocket and folding knife are different from traditional knife. Some pocket knife are also used for tactical and combat purpose.
Thanks for this post.

Henrik Popowski said...

Hi, Pocket knife are very helpful for everyday use. Because it help in small thing in kitchen or in other out side work. It can be used in many situation.
Thanks for this post.